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Tech homes beyond Silicon Valley: Top emerging startup hubs in the world

The rise of the new generation of startups have invited passionate, skilled, and creative people to redefine success and come together from different parts of the globe,  building digital and wired kingdoms in the most unexpected places. One perfect example is the tech haven, Silicon Valley, the prime destination for startups and tech wizards whose programs have shaped the world to what we know it today. However, the popularity of “the valley” is losing its charm as more countries have created their own technological hubs that are competitively winning the spotlight.

Let’s take a look at the rising stars in the startup ecosystem that you can only find if you look beyond Silicon Valley.


“Silicon Wadi,” aka Tel Aviv’s Startup Nation

Image source: inmygroup.com

Yes, you’ve read that right. Israel’s tech hub located in Tel Aviv is the home to growing companies. No one had expected that Israel could someday house the highest density of startups in the world, but this interesting country and its NASDAQ-registered 60 ventures feature an impressive pool of talents and boast an open business culture. Viber and Waze, among other tech success stories, were developed in Silicon Wadi.


Europe’s Atomico “deep tech” revolution

Image source: newmediaeurope.com

Europe used to be a tech laggard but the region is about to reintroduce itself as one of the pioneers of a complex artificial intelligence developed by Google’s DeepMInd, deep tech Atomico.  There is a growing demand for the continent’s tech talents and in fact, foreign firms such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google have announced massive expansion plans of their European bases. The revolution is being led by Europe’s newest tech hubs and it can be observed in different startup hotspots like London, Stockholm, and Berlin—encouraging a digital awakening in their once traditional industries.


Seattle, U.S.A.

Image source: bekinsmovingandstorage.com

Seattle, a city on the west coast of the United States, is a home to a large number of startups, thanks to its army of talented software engineers that’s securing this hotspots’ position as the number one when it comes to the highest population of software developers among all tech hubs in the world. What’s interesting about the city is its diversity and versatility in terms of startup size, making it accessible to both entry-level and high-net-worth entrepreneurs. Among the city’s biggest tech companies are Amazon.com and Microsoft, but many more are rapidly growing.