Most expensive vacation destinations with the most energetic culture

When the sky is the limit and money is not a problem, globetrotting across continents becomes a hobby. Chilling at a relaxing place, meeting new people, and experiencing unique traditions are some of the compelling reasons why people love to travel beyond their borders. Here are three of the most frequented expensive yet culturally enriching destinations you can explore in your next escapades:

1. Bermuda

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Perhaps the friendliest islanders on the planet are Bermudians. Known for their smiling faces and amazing laid-back culture despite being rated as one of the most expensive nations in the world. Bermuda is located in the Northern part of Atlantic Ocean, a tiny island that isn’t just a major offshore investment center but also a hotspot for a number of world-class diving spots, dramatic coastlines, pink sand beaches, and its native and best-selling brands of cocktails like Dark ‘n Stormy and Rum Swizzle.

  1. Japan

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This Asian country has long been recognized as a highly industrialized and fast-growing economy. When it comes to technology and famous brands of various products such as apparels and cosmetics, Japan is never late. Apart from all the countless reasons, Japan’s one-of-a-kind tradition with its unique blend of ancient and modern culture have made millions of people crave to visit the country. Indulge yourself once in a while in some of their famous historical towns such as Kyoto and Okinawa to experience the cultural vibe of Japan.

  1. United Kingdom

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In terms of quality of life, this multicultural nation is one of the best places to visit and live in. It is a powerful business center where the banking and finance industry dominates the economy. If you are a pleasure seeker who wants to experience an ultimate luxury lifestyle in the UK, you can shop at Harrods, set a romantic picnic day in Hyde Park, or explore some of the country’s beach towns during summer for a sun-kissed skin while having a bottle of Welsh award-winning champagnes. In addition to your itinerary, London and the rest of the UK are famous for numerous urban outdoor adventures, prehistoric sites, and unique festivals.