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Latin American economy’s rise from the rubble

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Several nation-states compose the entirety of Latin America: Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. While these countries are geographically close to one another in the same region, they actually have varying levels of economic complexities.

Overall, the Latin American economy is considered major performer as an export-based economy, but previous recessions led the region to a devastating slowdown. While their road to recuperation is already in sight, economic experts and investment firms suggest that the only way to fully recover is to find newer engines that can jumpstart economic growth and finally boost prosperity further into the future.

According to a recent report by the International Monetary Fund, the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region was predicted to enjoy growth by 1.1% in 2017. This year, the region is looking at a 1.8% of growth, and another 2.3% in 2019. The main drivers for these improvements are credited to LAC’s biggest economies in Argentina and Brazil. Additionally, Mexico is also doing its part, bringing in optimistic growth forecasts for the region, with Central America boasting a healthy pace of recuperation by 3.9% in 2017 alone.

There are still much to do in order to achieve more positive long-term effects, and these include focusing on investing, exports, savings, and most importantly, promoting the development of the private sector. Moreover, acknowledging fiscal and external imbalances should also be a priority not only to stabilize economic integration but also to strengthen it.

However, the biggest changes that are set to promote a huge leap in LAC’s economy, according to experts, is for these nations to address inequality and to invest in people, especially those who live in poverty.

Local vs Cloud Based Bookkeeping Solutions

Bookkeeping and accounting services are essential for established businesses as well as new start-ups who want to hit the ground running and not run into problems with their books or finances. Whether you’re a small home based business or a technology firm hiring tons of people upfront there are regulations and financial rules you need to be aware of that can both save you money and keep you out of hot water with the relevant authorities.

Hiring a local accountant to deal with your bookkeeping needs on a monthly basis is not only an affordable, but also flexible solution that can keep you focused on expanding your business, serving your customers and getting the needed revenue through the door. What type of services would a local Ottawa bookkeeper provide? Quarterly HST filings, accounts payable, accounts receivable and even monthly payroll deductions can all be accomplished in a totally hands off manner each month, reducing your paperwork obligations and keeping your financials in order so you don’t fall behind.

Hiring a Local Ottawa Bookkeeper – What To Know

Having a bookkeeper or Ottawa accounting service retained for monthly service also has the benefit of ongoing support. Often times you’ll be thinking of expanding your business and have questions regarding the financial implications – tax write offs, HST deductions etc. Having an accountant on hand can be really helpful since they can answer these questions and help you make the most educated decision possible. Additionally, if your bookkeeper has been handling your monthly needs and keeping all relevant statements organized it will expedite your annual corporate tax return which they may be able to complete for you as well.

Choosing the right bookkeeping service here in Ottawa is important and you should know exactly what you need done on a monthly basis before getting a quote. There are tons of online options like FreshBooks and Bench offer comprehensive online platforms with phone support, however many business owners prefer the benefits of having a local source for Ontario specific tax knowledge. Prices are also very competitive for industry specific bookkeeping packages and depending on your needs, features can be added or removed to make it more customized.

Whether you are considering an online option, or you want a dedicated bookkeeper here in Ottawa getting your books handled early on in the life of your business is essential to its survival.

Major Advantages of Offshore Investing

If you are an individual or a company looking forward to setup or expand your business for making more profits and saving on taxes, then doing it offshore is a great option for you. Listed below are the advantages of offshore investing.

Reducing taxes

This is the most important or the greatest advantage of getting a business registered in a new country. There are several places or countries where tax obligations are very low for non-residents. In some countries, non-resident companies are even tax-exempt. Thus, you can easily establish your business at such locations by taking proper advice from an offshore business services provider or taxation expert. An experienced professional can guide you about the complicated corporate tax matters and ensures that no legal conflicts occur while setting up your business offshore.


Offshore Investing 

Protecting assets color

Your future liabilities are highly protected when the assets are placed in offshore legal structures. There is effective screening of your finances when you put your money in establishing an offshore company. There is a good protection of your intellectual property, as well as investments in real estate. Many companies actually help you manage your assets, like this one-

Having ease of setup, reduced administration

Setting up an offshore company is usually a simpler and faster task than establishing an onshore one. The legal obligation for the presence of officers and directors is also not there at times. Thus, it is convenient to go for reduced administration. You can also cut down the time taken for staffing the operations if you wish to go without an office, as that is also a possibility.

Decreasing costs, investment

There would be a minimal investment required to setup a business offshore as compared to starting your work onshore. In fact, some countries have no minimal requirements for capital investments. Additionally, you may find that it is not only easy to get your business registered at these places but also cost-effective. Your business operations would also be quite cheaper as compared to your own country. There can be significant savings made by cutting down on office operations. Many of the offshore companies opt to go for virtual offices in order to receive huge cost savings. You would also have low maintenance fee for an offshore company as compared to an onshore setup.

Gaining confidentiality

In certain countries, you do not have to disclose information. It does not mean that there are no regulations of money laundering. These countries have anti-money laundering legislations that non-residents have to respect.


With proper planning, an offshore investment can become a tax-efficient alternative for business persons who are willing to operate internationally. With many countries attracting foreign investors, there are wide-ranging offshore investing opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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Finding The Perfect Calgary Homes For Sale

Searching for a house or rather house hunting is not an easy task and can be really boring because sometimes you have too many houses that pleases the eyes but in the end you have to choose one of them and of course the only one that you feel is perfect for you and you are comfortable with. There are many factors to consider when looking for a house such as infrastructure , schools , hospitals and many more. The location of the house really matters. Real estate has made it easier to get a home of your choice when you list the details of what you need.

View from the park


Calgary is a city in Alberta province in Canada situated on the banks of Elbow and Bow river in the south. It is the largest city in Alberta and the nature of the place is just awesome including hills and ranges. Living in Calgary would be a good thing due to the city’s rapid growth and its stable economy.

These are the advantages of buying a house in Calgary:



Good roads are guaranteed



this is of paramount importance when you are searching for a house and Calgary being such a big city you can be sure security is at its best.


>Physical features

Every one needs to live in a cool,silent place where they can enjoy fresh air and water and this is exactly what you get in the Calgary homes for sale.


>Tourist attraction

with the rocky mountains of Calgary, any tourist who loves adventure would definitely enjoy staying there.

Having listed these factors it is clear that you can not go wrong in getting your dream house in Calgary.Calgary real estate can assist you to get the best house of your choice.

Real Estate Investing in Today’s Age

Of late, real estate investment has been on the rise; in the past a half decade to be precise. It has evolved to become one of the most popular investment strategy to most investors. This field has plenty of opportunities and it is quite easy for one to make big gains within a short time. However, owning and buying real estate can be a bit more complicated compared to stock or bonds investment. Investing in real estate involves a lot of purchases, proper management, ownership, rental and/or sale of real estate with an intension of making profits. It is characterized by limited liquidity, intensive capital and dependent on high cash flow. Failure to clearly understand these factors can make it very risky investment.

The major source of failure in real estate is due to negative cash flows for a prolonged period of time that might not be sustainable. Often, the investor is forced to resell his/her property at a loss or sometimes get into insolvency. Another reason for failure in real estate investment is flipping. In most cases, the investor is forced to get a loan in order to invest in real estate. This can be a risk to the business especially if you want to repay off your debts early before the business can maintain sufficient liquidity and enough cash to take it through recessions. A competent real estate investor should be able to overcome this risk.

Real Estate InvestmentsCreative Commons License 

Today, most experts believe that real estate investment is among the top ways of safely investing your money. It has plenty of creative and quite profitable options. The most basic thing for beginners is to acquire enough start-up investment capital as well as getting training in real estate investment. The best tip that can set you fast in this area is being able to identify or target motivated sellers. These are individuals who want to sell their property quickly. With the right target, you can acquire a home for a very cheap price compared to market price, this could amount to instant profits.

When to Hire a Locksmith For Your Real Estate Project

A locksmith is a professional who deals with installing and repairing locks. There are many companies providing these services for both commercial and residential areas and property. But when is it time to hire the services of a locksmith and why? The simple answer to this is as soon as you own any lock! Whether it is your first car, a house or a business premise, getting a trusted partner to take care of your locks is inevitable.

Though many people tend to only seek the services of locksmith when stuck or during emergencies, this is not all locksmiths do. Their services are important in many instances. For instance, on moving in to a new hose, they are the first group of people that you need to contact. You never really know who had a copy of the keys and anything could happen so it is better safe than sorry. A great locksmith will get all your locks changed and hand you the keys at an affordable price. The same applies when moving in to a new business premise. The installation of locks is however not the end of a person’s relationship with a locksmith. When need be to repair locks, replace old ones or increase the security levels of a premise locksmith services must be sought.

Many locksmith companies provide auto locksmith services. These deal with the locks found in cars starting from the doors to the ignition. Regardless of what type of car it is, locksmith services are a must in maintaining the locks in good condition and replacing lost keys or broken locks. Whether it is a small personal automobile, a family SUV or a huge track for transporting goods or whatever type of car, locksmith services are a must.

So, who is the best locksmith to hire? Affordability is the number one consideration alongside the quality of services provided. A 24-hour available locksmith is best so you are assured of getting the much help you may needed with your locks at any time.

Two examples of locksmiths: